Sunday, 17 July 2016

Window Treatment Trend - No 5

Mulitiple Layers

Using two or more window treatment together (layering) is an interior design solution to providing style with flexibility.

There are many reasons and benefits to layering window treatments - creating visual depth, interest, and dimension; as well as increased energy efficiency, privacy, and light control.

Any type of blind can be used under curtains or voiles for a layered look. Curtains together with voiles is also popular and synonymous with 'boutique' hotel style for bedrooms.

While layering is  popular, the overall look remains consistent with the general trend for a clean sleek effect.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Window Treatment Trend - No 4

Sheer Blinds

There has been a significant increase in the desire for sheer blinds. Sleek and simple they offer the privacy benefits of a blind with the softening view of a sheer.

Sheer Roller blinds and the new Sheer Privacy Blinds are fast becoming the stylish modern alternative to traditional net curtains.Sheer Privacy Blinds are a new innovation where two layers of opaque and translucent woven stripes pass each other. 

Adjusting the alignment of the stripes allows you to control the light whilst maintaining the view. 

Sheer and semi-sheer Roman blinds are a more traditional approach to providing privacy whilst allowing light to filter into the room - and always look stylish.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Window Treatment Trend - No 3

Contrast Edging

​Contrast edging (banding) is very popular and adds beautiful detailing and interest to any plain curtain or blind. 

It provides the opportunity to inject a shot of bold colour without it being overwhelming. It's also another way of repeating an accent colour within the general scheme, linking the window area to the rest of the room.

The use of Vertical or horizontal edging can be used to add visual height or width to a space. 

Contrast edging can be created by applying a wide braid or by using a different coloured fabric, which gives the option of a much deep border. A deep darker horizontal border at the base of curtains 'grounds' the paler fabric and adds a touch of the unexpected. 

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Window Treatment Trends - No 2

Sheer Curtains

Full length voile curtains have become very popular, particularly with the increase in open plan living with larger windows and doors.

Beautifully designed voile fabrics range from slubby linens to those with luxe iridescence and many are interwoven with natural or metallic threads or have embossed or printed patterns.

Brighter voiles will make a room feel like it’s glowing, while darker, denser voiles help reduce glare.  Like curtains, the "new" voiles have simple and stylish headings.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Window Treatment Trends - No 1

Straight Curtains with Modern Headings

A soft but tailored look has taken centre stage for curtains in recent times.  Curtains are allowed to hang straight without the use of tiebacks and have neat headings rather than gathers.

The use of modern tracks and poles has almost completely replaced valances and swags, even in the most traditional homes.

Ceiling to floor curtains are being used to add height and elegance. Where possible curtains are wider, so when fully open they cover the wall, rather than the window maximising the light.