Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Spring florals

With the arrival of warmer weather, and daffodils and tulips in full bloom in the garden it is probably no surprise that we're going to celebrate the arrival of spring floral fabrics.

Floral fabrics are a great way to bring a bit of spring into your home, to transfer some of that outdoor beauty into your indoor spaces. 

Jane Churchill

Some of the best fresh floral designs can be found at Jane Churchill ......

 ...with an international reputation for creating fresh designs specifically intended to work together, you can create a wide range of looks, both contemporary and traditional.

Their latest collection is epitomised by an easy-to-live-with tone, each collection offers a broad mix of fabrics, wallpapers and trimmings.

Baker Lifestyle

Another wonderful floral collection for the spring can be found in Baker Lifestyle's Opera garden Collection.

It is inspired by the magical gardens of the 18th century West Green House and its glorious season of baroque operas and music.

The designs on cotton and linens, both embroidered and printed fabrics, together with pretty wallpapers celebrate the garden’s flowers, foliage, follies and even its chickens.

The chicken house

Kennerton Embroidery

Auriculas Embroidery 

Bantom Toile print

Enjoy the Spring!

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