Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How to make a rolled-up blind

For this post we thought we would share how to make a Rolled-up blind. We love this simple window treatment as it enables you to incorporate two co-ordinating or contrasting fabrics - so if you can't decide between two fabrics, you can use them both. 

See the comprehensive PDF tutorial below. Or click here to be taken to the PDF Tutorial on a new screen. You can copy, download and share with our compliments!

Sometimes a Rolled-up bind is left fixed in place - this type of blind is also know as a Stagecoach Valance.

Rolled-up blinds are a simpler version of a Swedish blind. Both are rolled-up but the Swedish blind has cords and a mechanism that allows the blind to be pulled up and down. 

In the picture below, Swedish blinds are shown in two Vanessa Arbuthnot fabrics.

You can clearly see the cords, threaded through traditional glass rings, that are used to raise and lower the blind. 

Below, is our Rolled-up bind Tutorial which includes:
- step-by-step instructions
-detailed photographs 
- useful tips   

Rolled-Up Blind Tutorial

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