Friday, 1 June 2012

Need a stunning focal point? Try a Sunburst Mirror!

I am on the look out for a sunburst mirror for my bedroom - my next project. So I have been trawling images to try and decide what type to get. These two are my favourites  so far...

Courtesy : K&Co
Although sunburst mirrors are all the same basic 'sun' shape with a central mirror - there is quite a variation in the design, size and material used. Some sunburst mirrors have a vintage appeal, while others have a more contemporary vibe.  Either way, they add an elegant and unexpected touch to a space. 

The best thing about sunburst mirrors is they can look great in just about every room! 

Let me show you ..

In the living room ... above a sofa

In the dining room ... above a sideboard/buffet
Courtesy - Decor Pad
In the kitchen ... above a sink
Courtesy - Atlanta Homes mag
In the bedroom ...above a headboard
Courtesy - Caldwell Flake Interiors
In the bedroom ... between twin beds
Courtesy - Cococozy
In the conservatory ... mirror on mirror
Courtesy - Southern Accents 
Even outside on the patio ...
Courtesy - Architectural Digest
Wherever they go sunburst mirrors make an eye-catching focal point!

For lots more inspirational images of sunburst mirrors in stunning rooms click through here to our ideas gallery on Pinterest.

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