Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tangerine Tango part 2 - How to decorate with orange

In 'Tangerine Tango part 1 - Do you like Orange?'  we looked at how the colour orange has been widely used in the design world - and how it was designated the colour of 2012.

However, many people shy away from  using  such a bright colour in their homes because, in large quantities,  it can easily overpower a room.

There is no doubt that tangerine tango  packs a punch - it's  a strong attention grabbing colour.  So, if the idea of all-over orange makes you feel somewhat faint, then here's some tips on how to use it:

TIP 1: Use orange very selectively on walls - limit it to a feature wall or as the background of shelves or a bookcase

TIP 2: If you want to use it on a piece of furniture, such as chairs or a cabinet, set it against lots of light neutral colour to cool it down - white works perfectly in this respect

TIP 3: It looks beautiful with charcoal grey too. Its warmth will really dress up any grey-inspired room 

TIP 4: Use it to add energy to a soft coastal scheme, it particularly co-ordinates well with aqua and soft blue 

TIP 5: Use it just as an accent colour on a few accessories – cushions, pillows, bedspreads, lamps, a rug to give your decorating a 'pop' of energising colour 
These tips can even apply to outdoor decorating.  I think this blue and white coastal style scheme with accessories in a coral/orange is just delightful set against the garden greenery ....

Remember, the trick to easy decorating with orange is to use it sparingly and to pair it with a complimentary colour that will tone it down and not try to fight for attention.
Need more inspiration? 
Click here for over 150 images showing inspirational decorating with orange.  
Have fun adding a citrus boot to your decor!

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