Friday, 27 September 2013

The romantic 'Bohemian' Collection from Vanessa Arbuthnott

The new 'Bohemian' collection of fabrics designed by Vanessa Arbuthnott is a real delight. 

Designs include a modern Toile de Jouey celebrating the joys of living a simple country life including - life in a shepherd's hut, growing vegetables, keeping goats, geese and chickens, putting washing on the line to dry in the sun. The Toile called 'For the love of Rose' after Vanessa's eldest daughter who helped with the design.
In the collection the Toile fabric is accompanied by five other enchanting designs:
'Gypsy Garland' - a delicate floral trail,
'French Ticking' - a stylish stripe,
'Leaf Dance' - a block printed leaf vein design,
'Pretty Maids' a dainty all-over spot motif and
'Stockholm Stripe'  - a statement stripe alternating with a pin stripe.

The 100% linen fabric is great for curtains, blinds, cushions and upholstery and makes up beautifully.

Vanessa says: 

“I wanted to create a collection that evoked pleasure and contentment, a visual celebration of nature’s beauty and magnificent colours, which we tend to overlook in our busy day-to-day lives.  I love the simplicity of a drawn line, depicting beautiful shapes such as washing on a line”. 

We think she has created a fabulous range of new designs. And, we are delighted to be able to share all of Vanessa's fabrics in our Yateley showroom - including the new 'Bohemian' Collection.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Hot Trends for 2013

There is clear evidence that a number of interesting decorating trends are proving HOT for 2013. I have picked my favourite 5 trends to look out for:

1. metallics
2. jewel tones
3. geometrics
4. chunky knits and
5. multiple pendants

These are definitely trends that you can easily implement in your home.

It can be as simple as: replacing a couple of cushion covers and adding a throw, or maybe a new rug and some lamp shades, how about  putting wallpaper on a feature wall  - even a new blind (we can certainly help there!)

So, if you want to freshen up your interiors as we wait for Spring to finally arrive, lets explore the options..

Trend 1 - Metallics
Metallic influences are everywhere at the moment- from gold and bronze through to silver, chrome and pewter. Shiny or matt they are all in vogue. This variety makes it much more interesting, gone are the days when your choice was either all gold or all chrome. Now its OK to mix your metals. 

Trend 2 - Jewel Tones
For centuries the radiance of the jewel tones of green and  blue have captured our attention and our imagination. The use of green and blue in a brilliant hue has been steadily rising for sometime. So much so that the Pantone Colour Institute® named 'Emerald' the colour for 2013, and a strong blue with a purplish edge was chosen by Dulux as their colour of the yearUsed in our homes these colours suggest luxury and sophistication. 

Trend 3 - Geometrics
Geometric patterns are so versatile. They are being used as designs on fabrics, wallpapers, tiles, carpets, and ceramics. Geometrics are also being designed and created in 3D forms such as lamp bases, vases and furniture. There are many types of geometric design around but look out for chevron, lattice, trellis and my favourite Greek key.

Trend 4 - Chunky Knits
The current trend for chunky knits may be a natural instinct to add texture and warmth to our more modern interiors. Sleek wood and ceramic floors look great with a jumbo knit rug. The chunky knitted circular stools also add a touchy feely texture and look amazing. I love the little knitted cover on the smooth ceramic mug.

Trend 5 - Multiple Pendants
It's a well known styling fact that having multiples items on display can look better than one item on it's own. Grouping things together, like ornaments or collections, creates impact and added interest. This preference for displaying multiple items has now moved to lamps. Why have one lamp when you can have two, three or more. Manufactures have noticed, and many now even make 'cluster lamps' with a number of pendants hanging from one fitting.
So, no matter what style you like, if you want to freshen up
your interiors, these trends have something to offer.
Post by: Sharon

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Interior Designer Style

The other day I came across this image of a an elegant entry hall from a home in Florida. It was designed by Suellen Gregory an interior designer based in Virginia USA.

I love the large coral coloured lantern, and the coordinating box pleat skirted table cover, set against a cool white background - not to mention the fabulous architecture.

I was so taken with the freshness of the styling that I looked up more of her work. And, as a curtain maker, I particularly liked the interiors showing lovely soft furnishings.

The following images are my favourite rooms by Suellen:

The colour in this kitchen comes from the blue in the loose covers on the bar stools which is repeated in the contrast borders on the Relaxed Roman blinds  ...

Bamboo style blinds now come in a wide range of colours and weaves. They are a really stylish option and look great here in this pale blue almost 'coastal' style scheme ....  

This pretty London blind with it's curved pleated heading is the focal point in this little bedroom....

In this room Suellen has designed a fixed curtain which overlaps at the top and is held back with high tiebacks. Using the full height of the room increases sense of drama and adds elegance.

Another soft relaxed Roman blind. I like the way the striped fabric has been used at an angle to border the edges - very smart ...

Ok, no curtains or blinds in the next picture, but I couldn't resist this cute puppy among the cushions - love the trimming.

Al images from

Post by: Sharon

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Trend Alert - Scaling Up

Extra large clock
Have you noticed that interior accessories seem to be getting bigger and bigger? It's true, the 'super-size' trend has spread to our home.

In the context of interior design, the size of an item in relation to the size of the room is referred to as 'scale'.  As a rule, professional interior designers recommend that you scale items "up" rather than "down". Adding a large-scale item can trick the mind in to believing a room is more spacious.

Some interior designers take 'scaling-up' to an extreme by introducing super-sized items. This exaggerated scale isn't to everyone's taste and certainly not for the faint hearted. But it does add an element of surprise and drama to a room; suggests a strong sense of fun in the owners; and clearly proves the WOW factor. So I've gathered together a few examples that I particularly like...
Large scale lighting 

Large globe lantern
Over-size pattern on the floor

Large scale wall art

You can easily achieve the look of oversized art by creating a boarder (frame) with architrave trim and wallpapering the wall inside .....

Over-sized mirrors

Mirrors amplify limited light sources and double the visual space they occupy.

Large scale wallpaper designs

All images via Pinterest

Post by: Sharon