Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Out of Africa

We really enjoyed our recent African themed project and would like to thank our client for allowing us to share it with you.
Having lived in South Africa our client had aquired a number of beautiful African objet d'arts around which she was basing the decoration of her living room. These included paintings, a large rug, vases and drums.

A relaxed and homely feel had been created with large leather sofas and cushions. 
Our client's requirement now was to dress the windows in a way that would bring the scheme together, maintain the homely feel and 'finish' the room.

Layered look
We suggested straight interlined curtains for simplicity and quality, together with a pair of sheer curtains hung from a double pole, which would soften the look. Our client narrowed the choice of fabrics to just two designs - one that she had instantly liked for its large black and white flowing pattern and another of black and brown alternating squares.
However, she was struggling to visualise the finished result and therefore make a final choice. There were (as always) other decisions to make such as between plain or pattered sheer fabric, how high or low to place the poles, what type of heading to have, what colour pole, tie-backs or no tiebacks etc. 

We were able to help by taking a photograph of the window and illustrating on it how the fabric would look in the proposed design. It enabled our client to 'see' the finished effect and helped her to make the right decisions.

You can see the final results in the before and after pictures below.

Before and after


~ the curtains are pleated by design using a double pinch pleat

~ large cushions on the sofas in the new curtain fabric tie-in the curtains with the rest of the room

~ positioning the pole high-up adds a sense of elegance to the window

~ a matching trim has been set-in along the leading edge of the sheer curtains to co-ordinate with the curtain fabric

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Wavey Curtains

Hello again,
I can hardly believe it's been six month since our last post - how time flys when you're working and having fun.  Over the months Debbie and I have met many new clients who have kept us busy with all sorts of soft furnishing projects for their homes.

A recent project

One of our most recent projects has involved creating curtains for a really beautiful home with huge windows and doors and a contemporary style. 

Our clients wanted luxury looking floor length curtains which would glide effortlessly; a stylish yet discrete track; and a modern alternative to the traditional pinch, pencil pleat or goblet style headings.

In consultation with our clients, we designed the curtains using the new contemporary Wave™ curtain heading system introduced by Silent Gliss.

The system allows curtains to hang in an attractive continuous 'wave' effect which is smooth, simple and elegant. 

The end result
We hand crafted the curtains and dressed the windows using a Silent Gliss luxury Metroflat chrome curtain track incorporating the Wave™ system.
 Our clients chose a large vertical stripe fabric from Swatch Box for their living room and a wavey flocked linen from Osborne and Little for the dining room. 

The curtains hang in the wave shape folds from the moment they are dressed, and the effect is maintained whether the curtains are open or closed.

As you can see, the Wave™ curtain tracks also ensure that when they are open the curtains stack back neatly and straight.

Our clients were delighted with the end result and so were we!

If you would like to see more images of our work please visit our website and view our Portfolio which you will find in the Clients' Homes section.